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Es Cendol (Ice Cendol)

Cendol (/ˈtʃɛndɒl/) is a popular traditional dessert in Indonesia. Cendol is also popular in Singapore and Malaysia. People in Indonesia belief that the name of “cendol” is originated from the word jendol; in Javanese, and Sundanese, it means bump, it refer to bumpy sensations of the green-like jelly passed through the mouth during drinking es cendol. The green color of cendol comes from Daun Suji (Suji leaf), the leaf that usually used together with pandan leaves to give a particular green color.


For Cendol:

  • 125 g hunkwe flour (hunkwe flour = mung bean flour)
  • 50 gr rice flour
  • 600 ml water
  • 100 ml Suji Leaves liquid (30 pieces suji leaf blender with 150 ml water, filtered)
  • If you can’t find Suji leaf just add 4 drop green food color (pandan essence) and mix it with 100 ml water.
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Bubur Kacang Hijau (Green Soya Porridge)

Bubur Kacang Hijau is a sweet dish, perfect for dessert. Hot Bubur kacang hijau is suitable for winter / cold season. It is healthy and tasty dish.

Cooking time : 60 minutes – more


  1. 250 gram green soy beans (Mung beans)
  2. 750 ml water
  3. 300 ml coconut milk ( you can substitute it with fresh milk )
  4. 100 gram sugar
  5. 50 gram brown sugar (optional)
  6. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  7. 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
  8. Pandan leaf, cut about 5cm

Coconut Sauce

  1. 200 ml thick coconut milk (you can substitute with fresh milk)
  2. 2 cm ginger, crushed
  3. a pinch of salt


  1. Clean the green soy beans. Then cook it with water until it’s really tender (like porridge). It is necessary to add more water if it’s not soft yet. And stirring it well while cooking.
  2. When the green soya is already tender, add coconut milk, vanilla sugar then pandan leaf. Stir well until the porridge little bit thick. Then add the sugars (white and brown) and salt. Keep stirring it so it won’t burn.
  3. Cook until it’s thick like porridge.
  4. Make the coconut sauce by boiling all the ingredients.
  5. Serve the green soya porridge (bubur kacang hijau) with the coconut sauce on top. You can add little steamed black sticky rice as additional.

Klepon (Sweet Coconut Rice Balls)

Klepon is native to Java island. In Indonesia, klepon usually eaten as morning or afternoon snacks along with hot cup of tea. To eat klepon must be careful because freshly boiled one usually contains hot palm sugar liquid that will pop out when you bite it.


  • 1½ cups glutinous rice powder
  • ¾ cup lukewarm water
  • 2-3 drops green food coloring
  • 8 tablespoon grated Java dark brown sugar
  • 1 cup fresh-grated coconut, mixed with ½ tablespoon salt


  1. Mix the rice powder with the lukewarm water and green food coloring into a firm but flexible dough.
  2. Pull off one full teaspoon of the dough and shape it into a ball with approximately 1-inch in diameter.
  3. Push a finger into the center of the ball to make a hole, and put in approximately ½ tablespoon of the grated brown sugar. Seal, and roll it back into the ball shape with the palms of your hands. Prepare all the balls and set them aside.
  4. Prepare a pot half filled with water and boil it.
  5. Drop the balls into the boiling water. Remove the balls with a spoon once they float to the water surface and then roll the balls in the grated coconut.
  6. Serve at room temperature. the dough is for 30 rice balls.

Tip : When working with the dough, cover your hands in flour to prevent it sticking to your fingers.

Es Kacang Merah (Red Bean Ice)

Main Ingredient:

  • 150 gram Read Beans
  • 1 cm cinnamon
  • 1200 ml water

Ingredient for syrup:

  • 100 gram brown sugar
  • 125 gram sugar
  • 800 ml water

Additional Ingredient:

  • 1/2 can of sweet milk
  • crushed ice
  • 250 ml coconut milk (mix it with boiled water first)


  1. Boil the red bean with cinnamon until its soft then drain it.
  2. Boil all the syrup ingredients until it mixed well then add the red beans.
  3. Serve it with sweet milk, coconut milk and crushed ice.
  4. or you can add coconut jelly,avocado, pineapple or pudding.

(for 5 portion)


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